Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Special Artist

 My son, Kyle, has always marched to the beat of a different drummer.




What other choice do you have when life has challenged you with multiple diagnosis forcing you to see the world in a different way and make the best adjustments you can.


Kyle likes to sketch vehicles and key fobs.  (my car is the blue one) 

He has a table in my Art Studio and sometimes keeps me company while I am painting. I'm proud of him and humbled and amazed that he has found this talent. His work keeps getting more interesting all the time. 



He draws from photos he takes using his phone. 

toys are another source of inspiration.

So, artists out there, wherever you are, just keep going.  

Push through those hard, sticky never know where your Art will take you!


Here's a poem I found inside a beautiful book I recently purchased while on Monhegan Island.




by Rudyard Kipling

When earth's last picture is painted

And the tubes are twisted and dried,

When the oldest colors have faded,

And the youngest critic has died,

We shall rest, and faith, we shall need it-

Lie down for an aeon or two,

Till the Master of all good workmen,

Shall put us to work anew!


And those that were good shall be happy;

They shall sit in a golden chair;

They shall splash at a ten-league canvas

With brushes of comets' hair;

They shall find real saints to draw from-

Magdalene, Peter, and Paul;

They shall work for an age at a sitting

And never be tired at all.


And only the Master shall praise us,

And only the Master shall blame;

And no one shall work for money,

And no one shall work for fame,

But each for the love of the working,

And each, in his separate star,

Shall draw the Thing as he sees it,

For the God of Things as they are!


thanks for visiting my blog..happy painting!

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