Thursday, May 14, 2020

Purple Passion Steps in Process

There's so many ways to start a painting.  Some artists like to "tone" their canvas with a neutral color in a midtone value.  Some artists tone their canvas with the complimentary color of their scene or painting.  I tried something different and worked just on the white surface.  It's worth trying again.

I Looked for the Shadow Patterns in my composition.  I Painted them  instead of the shapes of the flowers and leaves.  This way I could see where my eye would travel in the painting and whether or not I liked the composition.

(reference photo)

 Step One:  Shadow Patterns

Next, I added in the midtones trying to pay attention to temperature as well as value.

 Step two:  Shadows and Temperature

Step three:  Filling in positive shapes, paying attention to brush edges

Finally, I added in the rest of the painting being sure to soften edges where there wasn't a big value change and crisp up edges catching light.

I tried to simplify the little carnation type flowers in the bottom right.  not sure if that's been resolved yet.  But, there you have it, a painting may never be finished, right?

Don't stay stuck too long in any painting.  Move on for awhile if you've hit a wall, then come back to it with new fresh eyes and ask for help and feedback from other people.

Happy Painting!