Saturday, January 25, 2020

Snow Painting...some beauties!

   by Aldro Hibbard, artist from Rockport, MA.  Look at the incredible play of colors..the green tree against the red side of the building.  I also love how he simplified the distant trees using many vertical strokes.

 Another gem from Aldro Hibbard...Luscious colors, nice chunky brushwork!
I'm guessing he used some viridian or phalocyanine green in the distant water?

Doesn't get much better than this, right?  Beautiful diagonal composition, interesting subject matter with person in the landscape.  I love the lost edges on the birch trees.  Subtle value changes in the snow...incredible painting!

This beauty is by contemporary artist, Michael Severin.  Amazing depth, gorgeous colors and great composition.  Shadow pattern adds so much to this painting.  The dark rocks in lower right corner ground and redirect you into the painting.

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