Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Why Do I Paint?

Vermont hiking trail in West Dover. 12x16 oil on wood.

$500 framed (includes shipping)


"I Resolve to let every good thing I know reach its full expression in my life."


      Painting is one of the most profound and enjoyable experiences I participate in. It's an exercise in mindfulness that grounds me and takes me away for awhile.  I have to look, notice, compare and interpret, translating words into colors and shapes.

      I disappear for awhile and my brush takes over.  My painting doesn't have to be perfect or even finished. Maybe I will like what I do, but more often than not it may end up with many other studies piling up on shelves and racks in my basement.

      It doesn't matter.  The moment or experience is singed into my subconscious.  It's mine.  I learned something new and maybe even surprised myself.

      So, get some paints, give it a try, you may discover something new about yourself!


  1. I like your thoughts on this. Especially that you "look, notice, compare and interpret". It's such an interesting process, isn't it?